Specialization and scope of competence

We specialize in dedicated applications and websites programmed in PHP using the Symfony framework.

We design and develop IT systems that are critical to customer performance, software supporting business processes, document flow, and resource reservation. We create B2B and B2C applications, CRM systems, CMS and e-learning solutions. We create advanced websites and portals.


We successfully integrate own applications with customer and third party systems, thus participating in the creation of complex solutions supporting entire industries, requiring high availability and reliability, often covered by confidentiality clauses. We particularly care about the quality of the entire software development process. We use internal procedures and scenarios that guarantee an outstanding level of reliability of the implemented systems.


We analyze the needs of software recipients, consult business processes and goals set for applications. All to provide solutions that fully meet customer expectations, reduce project implementation time and avoid unjustified costs. We provide support throughout the life of the application. Together with our clients, we cooperate on their development, updating and adapting to changing business environment.

20 years of experience.
Our knowledge is supported by two decades of experience.